Ways To Find Products To Sell On An Internet Auction

by WorkFromHome on August 10, 2011

Selling on Internet auctions is a great way to earn money from home. Many people find that once they become acquainted with the online auction process, they can leave their jobs and sell full time.

What do you do, however, once all the unwanted items have been sold from around the house? You need to find a steady supply of merchandise to fill your auction pages. There a 6 ways in which you can guarantee that you always have product to sell.

  1. Join a drop shipping service. Drop shippers will store and ship all your merchandise. The benefit to drop shipping is that you never have a house full of product that you are hoping to sell. The disadvantage to drop shipping is that the shipper may run out of stock without notification and you sell an item that is on back order.
  2. Visit wholesale sites so that you can make direct purchases below retail cost. The advantage is that there is a lot of profit to be made in this fashion. The disadvantage is that some wholesale companies may require you to make a very large initial purchase to show that you are a serious buyer.
  3. Buy from overseas suppliers. You can purchase many items directly from the manufacturers in other countries. Again, this is a great way to purchase relatively cheap items for resale, but you may have to make large purchases. Also, when you purchase directly from a manufacturer, there may be import taxes that you have to pay on the items.
  4. Shop liquidation sales. One of the benefits of an online auction is that anything will sell. These auctions have such a large audience that there is always a target market for your goods. Due to the high volume of businesses that have closed in recent years due to the economy, liquidation sales are not hard to find. You can also set Google alerts to notify you when any liquidation sales take place in your area. Once you set the alert, you will be sent an email immediately if information is posted on the Internet that fits your criteria.
  5. Shop tag sales and second hand stores. You can always find unusual items that are very inexpensive to resell on the Internet. The hardest item to sell on these auctions is books. While most of these places carry shelves and shelves of discounted books, be leery of making a purchase. It is recommended that you only purchase first editions, rare books over 100 years old or brand new books to resell on the auctions. While you may sell some of the others, you are more than likely going to have piles of books collecting dust before they sell.
  6. Estate sales. When a home is being liquidated after the death of the owner, most items are priced to move. You can find wonderful antiques, unique knick knacks and more at these sales that sell quickly on the auctions.

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