Ways to Make Money From Home

by WorkFromHome on May 31, 2011

Digital technology and the internet have provided millions of people with the opportunity to make money working from the comforts of their own home or home office. Virtually every trade industry trains and hires home-based employees and contractors to act as the face of the company. Technical support specialists, customer service agents, virtual administrative assistants and receptionists, professors and tutors, photographers, insurance agents, and freelance writers are just some of the many industries that offer work from home opportunities to qualified professionals.

Some of the most lucrative work from home jobs are located in the technical support, IT, and web design fields. Those with specialised experience or training in technical fields can earn a very competitive salary or wage from home. IT specialists assist customers via chat platforms, remotely via secure connectivity, through e-mail, and on the phone. The home-based employee represents the company and assists customers with inquiries and aids in troubleshooting problems or errors. IT positions are always posted on job boards and in local newspapers.

Remote customer service agents and chat operators perform similar job duties as IT specialists, in that they assist customers with billing-related issues, requests, changes, and order placement remotely by phone, e-mail, or chat. They have access to customer accounts and can assist the caller with everything from payments to cancellations. Most customer service agents interact with customers via phone, using a landline phone or VOIP connectivity. Some employers pay for the costs of all equipment and programs. Others require agents to purchase their own headsets and computer-related programs, but may offer higher rates of pay or incentives for employees or contractors that maintain their own equipment. Many Fortune 500 companies offer work from home opportunities. Check these popular websites and search online classified ads and job boards for available positions.

Virtual administrative assistants and online receptionists often handle multiple clients and perform a wide variety of office-related tasks, as is traditional in an office setting. Virtual assistants handle scheduling, are responsible for transferring important data into spreadsheets, calculate and process payroll, maintain e-mail correspondence with vendors, clients, and customers and answer questions on the phone. They may provide services for a small business for several hours each week during normal business hours, and work overnights or weekends for another company. Virtual assistants are invaluable in that they handle the day-to-day operations for small business owners, so that the business owner can focus on marketing and bringing more business to the core structure of the business model. Many local businesses and online job boards offer opportunities for those looking to be hired as a virtual assistant. Relevant experience in office administration, experience as a receptionist, or previous work in the accounting and payroll fields are helpful when applying for a virtual assistant position.

Many college campuses, schools, and learning facilities hire professional tutors or professors to teach students online, in a classroom setting. Anyone with extensive expertise, a college degree, or specialisation in a particular subject can tutor students remotely for a great hourly wage. The online tutor sector is one of the fastest-growing in the work from home industry. Educational facilities continue to add more opportunities to earn a degree online; the need for qualified professors and tutors has increased exponentially, as a result. Local college campuses, schools, learning centres, and online educational institutions are great places to look for jobs as an online tutor or professor.

Photographers and insurance agents are now able to make great money from home. Freelance photographers can submit their photos to revenue-sharing photo sites and sell the rights to their work or allow people to download their work for a fee. Insurance agents are able to obtain clients by using a website template given by the company. Photographers and insurance agents can sell their work and services to local businesses and at trade shows to gain clients and customers.

Freelance writers have a world of opportunity to earn money writing about anything that inspires them. Those with specialties in internet marketing and search engine optimization can earn a very competitive wage by writing articles, press releases, blog postings, news articles, and providing copy write for private clients and content submission writing websites. There are thousands of reputable websites that hire work from home freelance writers. Visit a work from home forum for lists of legitimate freelance writing sites.

Working from home can be challenging at times, especially when you are first getting started with your job search or research, but the reward, payoff, freedom, and feeling of liberation cannot be beat. Having the time to spend with family and friends, avoiding the costs associated with commuting to a traditional job, being able to avoid daycare expenses, and working from home in pyjamas are just some of the many perks that working from home offers.

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