Weight Loss Home Business – Help Or Snake Oil?

by WorkFromHome on May 8, 2012

Weight loss products in any shape or form are the most sold item in the world. This is not just a bold statement, it is a fact. Nothing in the world sells more than a product that will help you shed unwanted weight. However, during the last few years, there has been a change in the consumer’s attitude about these products, and many diet companies are seeing significant losses.

Some of the loss in weight loss product sales may be due to the worldwide recession. It is more likely, however, that the public is just growing tired of hearing that yet another product will help them drop weight, only to be disappointed once the product is purchased. People starting off in the home based weight loss industry are starting to gain a reputation as snake-oil sales reps instead of legitimate business owners.

So what do you do? Do you pass up an opportunity to offer a genuine product that will help the public because of this growing stigma associated with the industry? Or, do you create a business that offers more than weight loss supplements? The correct answer is to create a business that provides your clients with more than a reoccurring monthly supply of weight loss vitamins.

Establishing A Home Based Wellness Business

Creating a business that will cater to the well-being of an individual, and not just their need to drop weight, will help you establish a credible business that avoids the “snake-oil persona.” This is fairly easy to do, and the results are absolutely fabulous.

The following ideas can be used to create a total wellness business:

  • Write an e-Book that contains low calorie recipes. You can offer this book as a free gift to those who make a purchase on your website, or encourage clients that you work with off the Internet to visit your site to receive the book. Weight loss is more than taking a pill; it is about changing what you eat. Deep down, everyone knows this fact, and giving them the tools they need to help with their weight loss will build a relationship with your clients.
  • Establish A Support Centre. Create a blog that will allow people to go and interact on it when dealing with their weight issues. Make sure that you participate on the blog so that they know you are interested and that you care. This will also allow you to see what other types of products people may need or be interested in to complement your supplement sales.
  • Create Relevant Content. Gather information about weight loss from different resources and make them available to your clients. Either post information online, or make hand-outs to distribute to offline customers. The more informed you look, the more comfortable your clients will feel with your business.
  • Establish a relationship with a local gym or community centre. Offer your clients discounts to a gym or other exercise centre as a way to encourage them to have a healthier lifestyle. Again, people know they need to exercise to lose weight, but it often takes the encouragement of others to make it happen.
  • Create a reward system. Challenge your clients to have a healthier lifestyle. Create a reward system for those who drop a certain amount of weight during a specific period. A reward could be a discounted or free product, a discount to a local spa or even a product that does not have to do with dieting at all. This reward system not only encourages people to succeed, it also establishes a relationship with the clients. Clients will also spread the word about the rewards, and this will generate more income for you.
  • Promote their successes. Nothing is more guaranteed to land a life-long client that will spread the word about your system to everyone than to promote the client themselves. Feature success stories on your site with their picture and story (once you have their permission) and give them the direct link to send out to their friends. Make sure that they can be contacted by other users of your product so they can relate their story personally. It is a great way to give your site a more personal feel.
  • Follow Up. While this can become a little harder once you start generating a lot of clients, it is important to follow up with each client on the success they are having from using your product or service. This personal touch will help you keep clients, and it will help establish you as an authority in weight loss. Each time you create a bond with the client, you are ensuring financial success for yourself.

There are other things that you can do that will generate good-will among your clients and establish your authority in this type of home based business. The main key is to create a total wellness package for the client, and not to just convince them to purchase some miracle cure for their problem.

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