Who Should Work From Home: Is A Home Based Business Right For You?

by WorkFromHome on April 30, 2011

Working from home is one of those things that may seem like a lovely idea. You don’t have to drive anywhere, allowing you to save money on fuel. You won’t need babysitters, you can set your own schedule, and lunches are served in the convenience of your own home! However, working from home often proves to be a horrible idea. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds, and there are many drawbacks to it.

Setting Your own Hours

Setting your own hours is great if you are motivated and ambitious. If you are the type of person who can actually sit down and work, without becoming distracted by things around the house, then you can find success at home. However, many people find themselves taking time to do laundry, or prepare dinner, or clean the house; and then the paid work doesn’t get done! Setting your own hours only works when you will actually decide on hours to work, and then work them.

You must be able to Tune out Distractions, Including the Children

Offices have distractions. Other people are talking, phones are ringing, and co-workers are stopping by with questions. However, offices also have bosses that are constantly watching and working to keep people on track. Your home office will have just as many distractions as the regular office did, just of a different kind. There is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, and beds to be made. The phone will still ring, but now the person on the other end will most likely be someone you actually want to talk to. Only now, there is no boss to help you stay on track. When working from home, you must be able to tune out the distractions and stick to your work schedule.

This includes the children. If you are planning on working from home, you may still want to make daycare arrangements for the children, especially if they are very young. Otherwise, work your schedule around their nap times and school times so they won’t keep you from your work.

Believe in Yourself

When you are working from home, self-doubt will destroy all your efforts. You must believe that you can do it. Think about your goals, and imagine how great it will feel when you meet them. Imagine yourself living the dream. Know that there are thousands of people out there who have found success working from home, and you can join them.

Be Open and Teachable

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel. There are people who have found great success working from home. They have valuable advice to offer you, and amazing tips that can make it easier. Be willing to listen, and be willing to learn from them.

Maintain Balance

A home based business requires dedication and perseverance, but they don’t have to consume your life. Your friends can just be your friends; they don’t have to also be your customers. Don’t fall into the trap of viewing every person you meet as a potential prospect. View every person as a person, and take time to still enjoy your life.

Never Give Up

Working from home and making it really work will take time. It will take time to figure out what a good schedule is, how to block out the distractions, and how to get the job done. There are people you can learn from, advice you can follow. The key is to keep trying. Don’t give up. Any business takes time to build, whether it runs out of your home or a traditional office. The main thing is to keep trying. Only 5% of people who try to work from home on their own will be successful. Don’t be like the 95% who give up and walk away. Keep trying and you will find success.

There are many benefits to working from home. You will have more time with your family. You will have the freedom to choose what hours you will work. You will feel better about yourself, you will be more confident, and you will be happier. But first you must assess the reality of working from home. The choice is not for everyone. But if you are motivated, determined and ready to put the work in; it can be the best choice for you.

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