Work At Home Jobs For Mums

by WorkFromHome on April 6, 2011

Work at home jobs are perfect for mums. If you want to be at home, raising your little ones, and not spending money on day-care expenses, a work at home job is certainly the right choice for you. The internet has exploded the availability of work at home positions, and with a little bit of searching, you can find the right position for you. All that you will usually need for a work from home job is a good computer, an internet connection, the ability to type well, and knowledge of the internet.

Here are some good work at home jobs for mums to consider:

Auction Site Reseller

eBay is the auction site that is familiar to most people, but there are other auction sites as well. If you are interested in opening up your own online store, and selling items, you could make a good living. Some people have specialty stores that sell only certain items, for instance, vintage clothing. If you have a vast amount of interest and knowledge in a particular area, this would be a good way for you to go.

Other people do very well with their own resale online store, meaning they pick up items at resale shops or garage sales and resell them on eBay or some other auction site, at a profit. If you love to shop around for great items, and have the time to do so, and the knowledge of what sells, this could be an extremely good job for you.

Freelance Writing

With the internet has come the need for writing, and lots of it. There are numerous websites, blogs, advertisements, forums, etc. that have a real need for good writing. If you love to write and are good at it, this could be one of the best work at home jobs for mums that you ever stumble across. Most writing assignments have deadlines, but if you are good at scheduling work time around family life (and what mum isn’t?) you could easily make freelance writing work well for you.

Put together some samples of your writing so that you are able to show your abilities if asked. If you do not have any writing samples, make some. You may even want to make your own writing website. Then, peruse the various writing websites, such as eLance, Ozlance, Odesk and Writerlance and start bidding on jobs. If you provide good writing, you will be getting experience, written samples and also a reputation for being a dependable writer. Your reputation will grow and getting work will become even easier.

Virtual Assistant

For those who have administrative assistant backgrounds, a work at home job as a virtual assistant could be a very good fit. Many companies and business people are in need of knowledgeable and dependable assistants to help with anything from preparing mailings to making business telephone calls.

If you have experience with these sorts of duties, and understand the importance of always being dependable, this may be the perfect work at home position for you. Of course, because this is a very demanding job, this may fit better for mothers of school age children, rather than very young children or babies. You will need to be able to make business telephone calls and always be professional. Interruptions from crying babies will certainly not be tolerated.

To become a virtual assistant, you must have a good computer, an internet connection, be a good typist and be familiar with the latest office software. Also, have a professional resume ready. Do an online search of virtual assistant communities and virtual assistant forums to find open positions. If you prove yourself as a dependable worker and show that you are an asset to their business, you will not have to find work again for a good while. Good virtual assistants are valuable, and when you demonstrate your value to a company, they will want to keep you busy.

Find Work Online For Mums At Home

These are just a few of the available work at home jobs for mums. If you have professional experience of any kind, use those abilities to find online work. There are many businesses that are in need of various types of positions to be filled, and if you search diligently, you will probably find the perfect opportunity for a work from home job.

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