Work From Home As A Resume Writer

by WorkFromHome on April 25, 2011

Job hunters in every profession know that in order to get hired, they will need to have a stellar resume. After all, a resume is their only opportunity to showcase their talents, skills, experiences and other qualifications in the hopes of being hired by their dream employer. In today’s economy, professionals can spare no effort when it comes to being competitive in the job market. This means that while an engineer, doctor, finance specialist or other professional may be tops in his or field, he or she will still need assistance make his or her resume into a concise yet memorable description of a professional that a company will feel compelled to meet with for an interview. Writing resumes is an important job, since it can help talented workers get the jobs that they want, however it is also a job that you can do from home.

Work Directly With Your Clients No Matter Where You Are

The internet has made it easy for you to work on writing resumes from the comfort of home. All you need is a comprehensive understanding of the different types of resumes that are customary for various industries, an excellent command of grammar and spelling, an internet connection and a computer. Your clients may be professionals who are seeking jobs in Australia’s largest cities, but even if you are nowhere near Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you can still provide resume writing services while working from home as long as you can interface with your clients via e-mail and phone calls.

Create A Great Resume For Every Professional Every Time

Working from home on your clients’ resumes means that you will be relying entirely upon the information that your clients provide to you in order to create resumes that get results. Although your clients can send you their current resumes, the truth is that if those resumes had the right information on them, then they would be getting interviews, and they would not need to hire your services. It is up to you, then, to ask the right questions of your clients to get the information that belongs on their resumes.

Develop your own questionnaire to extract the pertinent information from your clients before you begin to write their resumes. By making it a standard questionnaire, you avoid having to spend the time on brainstorming a different list to ask each client every time you take on a new job writing a resume. Hopefully, you will have many clients, which means you will not have time to make this a manual process! If a question on your manual questionnaire does not apply to your client, then direct him or her to mark it as ‘not applicable.’

Ask The Right Questions

So which questions belong on this questionnaire? First, make sure that you ask your clients the obvious questions. These include their job experiences, including the names of employers, dates of employment, job titles and key accomplishments. Encourage them to include dollar amounts for those accomplishments whenever possible. After all, a potential employer’s human resources department may not know an industry specific term, but everyone knows what “saved $1 million” means!

One of the most important areas for your clients to fill out will be a brief series of essay questions on their greatest skill sets overall. These should not be specific to a job that they held in the past, but instead serve as examples of the outstanding expertise, skills and overall professionalism that they can bring to their potential employers.

Use The Right Words

Obviously, you cannot change the information given to you by your clients. Lying on a resume is a fast way to get disqualified from a job application. As a resume writer, however, it is your responsibility to describe your client’s previous work and current qualifications in the most exciting and positive light possible.

Rather than saying “worked on XYZ project,” for example, be more descriptive. Take the opportunity to say, “coordinated team to accomplish ABC goal.” If your client was in a leadership role of any kind, regardless of whether it was in an official capacity or on an ad hoc basis, then you should highlight it on his or her resume.

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