Work from Home As An Affiliate Marketer Online

by WorkFromHome on November 15, 2011

Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing products and services on the internet. It is a way for website hosts and bloggers to make money by promoting a company and getting a percentage of a sale. In other words, you’re an online salesman but without the hassle of door to door pitches.

There are so many affiliate marketing programs set up now online that you really just need to decide what product you want to sell and then find the program that works for you. This works best if you already have a following through a blog or website. The more subscribers or readers you have, the greater your chance to make some money working from home with affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

If you have an affiliate link on your website or blog and one of your followers clicks on this link, it takes them to the affiliate company’s website. Once there, if the person purchase a product, or signs up for a service or some other desired action, the company registers that this client came to them from you and you get a commission or a percentage of the sale. The size of the percentage or the commission is largely dependant on the company or the product. The harder something is to sell, the larger the commission.

Now it is not as simple as having something for your readers to click on. You have to generate enough interest in a product or service that it leads to a sale. Here’s an example of a successful affiliate marketing technique:
You create a website that features coffee. There are a lot of coffee drinkers but why would they come to your website? Because you offer them interesting content. You have articles about the different kinds of coffee beans and roasting methods. You describe the various ways to brew and filter coffee and how that changes the flavor and texture of the coffee. You create dynamic forums for them to share information about their favorite coffee houses and where to find them.

All of this information and content will provide you with many opportunities to set up affiliate marketing programs with companies. You can have links to companies that sell French coffee presses or special drip filters. You can link to companies that sell specially roasted coffees direct to customers’ homes. You can link to local coffee vendors with special offers for customers that used your website. And all of these vendors can be reviewed and promoted by you in your articles and web chats.

You’ll notice that the key to making this work is drawing enough traffic to your website by offering content that is both interesting and useful to a multitude of people with a special interest. You can’t expect readers to come to you if you don’t have something to offer them. And if your content has proven to be useful and informative, then they’ll be more likely to trust your recommendations and follow through on sales.

By building trust, you will grow readership and be able to build email lists for advertising and multiple clicks to your affiliate site links. You don’t have to sell anything yourself directly but you are creating a bridge of interest between your readers and the companies to which you are linked.

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