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by WorkFromHome on May 7, 2011

The wonders of modern technology have allowed scores of talented people to finally live out their dream of being able to earn big while working from the comfort of their homes. Although the vast landscape of jobs that allow you to work from home can become extremely competitive at times, the field of online transcription is one of the more accessible work-at-home job options. Where other work-at-home jobs require intricate connections in the industry or years and years of hard-earned experience, online transcription is one that can be instantly rewarding even to beginners. True, some newcomers wash out almost immediately, but those who are determined to work hard and persevere are often rewarded with a bright career, a great paycheque, and, of course, all the creature comforts that working from home affords.

The World of Online Transcription

For those of you who haven’t yet been familiarized with the burgeoning field of online transcription, it’s easy to explain. Online transcription is a process that entails taking raw audio or video files and converting them into text. Although the raw data can come in other forms, audio is the most common with video coming a close second. The text output must be organized, neat, and easy to read.

Seminars or speeches that have been recorded are some of the most common things that transcriptionists are hired to convert into neat text files, although any type of recording is game. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective applications for this job, making it a field of work that many consider to be highly resistant to recessions, depressions, and other economic dips. Currently, job opportunities for online transcriptionists are somewhere around infinite. Freelancing workers are free to expand their search for transcription work wherever and whenever they want to and, as a result, almost never run out of documents to transcribe. The world of online transcription is here to stay.

You Can Be an Online Transcriptionist

One of the most beautiful attributes of the world of online transcription is that workers are only limited by their personal ambition. Although the primary languages you speak may seem to limit you – the vast majority of online transcription tasks are limited to native speakers of the English language – opportunities for transcription work in a multitude of other major foreign languages are growing by the day. Transcriptionists that are able to speak fluently in other languages besides their own mother tongue have a much deeper well of work to choose from and often much fewer competitors for the jobs they are able to do.

Being able to handle the language well is one of the top job requirements for an online transcriptionist. Some of the other major job requirements include the possession of a computer and a working knowledge of its ins and outs, especially word processing and media playing programs. Finally, an online transcriptionist needs to be able to type like a cheetah can run. Although there are certainly other factors involved, what you can earn as an online transcriptionist is directly related to the speed at which you can type. Accuracy in typing is also a huge boon. If you happen to be a superhero in the typing department you may well have what it takes to become a superstar transcriptionist.

Other minor job requirements include a place with as little background noise as possible so that you can concentrate on your work as well as, of course, plenty of time to devote to the job. Time is essential both for polishing your transcription talents and meeting the deadlines that your providers will throw at you. Also keep in mind that much of the work you will receive will not interest you in the least, and you may end up being quite bored by the repetitiveness of it.

The Perks of the Job

Here is a list of some of the best things about being an online transcriptionist:

  • The work is waiting for you right at home.
  • The hours are completely up to you. Transcription is usually offered one project at a time so you can decide which to accept and whether to work long or short hours.
  • You pick your boss. Work only with the employers that fit your employer requirement checklist.
  • If you don’t like a certain employer, filter him or her out and find other work.
  • You are the talent and there is always great demand for your expertise.
  • The hours are flexible meaning that you can fit in the work whenever you like and prioritize other tasks like spending time with your family or studying.
  • You don’t have to drive to work every day.
  • There’s no need to dress up for work.
  • Work is done alone without conflictive and irritating colleagues.
  • The world of online transcription is a meeting-free environment – except, of course, for the meetings you are transcribing.

Transcription can integrate flawlessly into your existing habits and passions while providing you with steady income. Don’t put your life on hold for your job – have it the other way around with online transcription work!

Getting Started with Online Transcription

Newcomers to the world of online transcription could find breaking into the business a bit of a challenge at first. A good start is to invest in a quality computer with good word processing software. Write up a compelling resume that both realistically and positively conveys all your best qualities with an emphasis on any past office or writing work you have done.

You can start applying for projects immediately. A good place to start is at any one of the many online freelancing portals. These sites make connections between freelancers and contractors and are a great place to get yourself out there. Once you’ve gotten your first contract, work will come easier. The more experience you have, the more attractive you will become to employers, so keep trying. Sometimes your first few jobs might not pay that well, but the experience they will give you can be invaluable.

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