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by WorkFromHome on April 14, 2011

If you have great typing skills and are interested in earning some extra money while working from home, then taking on a job typing from home could be the answer for you. Although technology has made many administrative tasks obsolete, skilled typists are still needed by both large corporations and small offices to fill needs that range from medical transcriptions to preparing classified advertisements and legal briefs. Businesses that once had to allocated precious office space to platoons of secretaries and dedicated clerical staff now can get by with just one administrative coordinator to send out assignments to the typists that work at home, saving the business huge sums of money on rent, furniture, fixtures and other costs each year.

You May Be Typing Right Now… But Are You Really Professional Typist Material?

Professional typists often have no more training than you do right now. After all, this is not a profession that comes with a university degree. While experience as a typist or administrative assistant is nice, a professional employer does not care about whether or not you can answer a phone or schedule his next appointment. What matters is how fast you can type without errors.

The faster you can provide quality typed material, the more money you will be able to make, and the more work you are likely to be asked to take on. Typically, typing speed is measured in “wpm,” or “words per minute.” This excludes those words that you type that have errors, such as incorrectly capitalized or punctuated words. If you enjoy typing, but still have not mastered touch typing, or typing without looking at the keys, then you should enrol in a quick class to pick up this important skill or invest in computer software to help you learn it.

Beyond being able to type quickly and correctly, it also is essential that you act as a responsible employee or independent contractor. This means that you provide your completed work back to your client or employer within the time frame agreed upon. Even though you are working from home, possibly in your sweatpants, it also is important that you communicate any questions or concerns to your client or employer in a professional manner.

What Will I Be Typing?

There is a wide range of jobs available for typists working from home. Being able to receive work assignments online and return them the same way means that you can contract with companies located in major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, while living hundreds of miles away. As long as you can access the internet and your e-mail, you can even take your work with you while travelling with your family.

An easy part time option for typists working from home is medical transcription services. These typing positions are important to the field of medicine. You will be charged with turning the audio files and notes that doctors generate during their appointments into the documentation that is used to determine insurance benefits for their patients.

The legal profession also needs typists to help in the preparation of different legal briefs and documentation, while head-hunters and businesses’ human resources departments often hire typists to fill out forms online for classified advertisements.

How Do I Tell Real Work From Home Typing Jobs From Scams?

One of the biggest concerns that typists working from home have is whether or not the job listing that they are looking at is a legitimate one. A scam can not only waste your time, but, worse, it can also end with your losing money and personal identifying information to a con artist who will sell it to others. The good news, however, is that with a little common sense, you should be able to tell the real online typing jobs that will allow you to earn income while working from home from the scams.

If a job listing or e-mail promises you far more compensation than you normally receive for less work, then click the “x” on your browser and move on to the next job listing. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Similarly, if you read through a job advertisement and are unable to figure out what the client wants you to type, whether it is a one-time assignment or a long term arrangement, or other salient information, then this also could be a red flag.

Use your instincts as you navigate the work of working from home as a typist, and, no matter how promising a job description may seem, proceed with caution. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of legitimate opportunities that will allow you to work from home, so if you do run into a scam do not worry! You will find more than enough work.

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