Writing Articles To Promote Your Freelance Business

by WorkFromHome on February 15, 2012

Working as a freelance business professional, you know that a large part of your success depends on people being able to find you on the Internet. While it is true that a lot of your work will be found through freelance sites and social networking opportunities, a portion will come from direct sales on your website.

One of the best ways to promote your services and your website is through article marketing. Article marketing offers you the following advantages:

  • Most article sites and directories will allow you to post your articles for free once they have been approved by the site, providing you with free advertising.
  • Many sites will pay you to post articles to their site if your articles become frequently used.
  • Articles that provide quality information give you a sense of authority, and authority will help boost sales.
  • Once you are accustomed to writing articles about your service, you can put out new ones several times a week.

When you write articles to promote your service and site however, you must make the articles appealing and convince the reader that you are an authority on the subject. There are specific ways of writing marketing articles that you should follow to receive the most success.

Giving The Title Appeal

You must make the title of your article one that strikes curiosity or answers a question. For example: A title that states: “The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Your Website Design” will draw more attention than “Facts About Webpage Layouts.” You are summing up your entire article in that sentence. You are offering to solve a problem, and you make it sound exciting. It is all about generating an emotional response. If you cannot shrike an emotion in your potential reader, they will simply move on to the next article.

Making The Body Content Count

A good article will do the following:

  • Address a problem
  • Provide sympathy
  • Offer a partial solution and create a desire for the reader to learn more

Addressing The Problem. You need to begin your article confronting the problem that the reader is having without a lot of fluff. You have about 10 seconds to grasp their attention before they move to another article. Make sure you are to the point, and make sure that you let them know that this problem is common for someone in their position. You need to make sure the reader does not feel like an outcast for having this problem.

Provide Sympathy. The next thing that you must do is provide sympathy to the reader for having that problem and how you understand the frustration that they feel. By sharing with the reader that their problem has been experienced by others provides emotional support, and allows them to feel comfortable with you.

Offer A Partial Solution. You want to give the reader just enough advice on how to fix this problem that will make them curious enough to visit your website. Make sure that your advice is genuine and not filled with fluff, you must sound authoritative.

It is also important that when you write an article for marketing purposes that you write at a level your reader can understand. If your profession, for example, is a web designer, you may want to stay away from a lot of technical terms that the reader may not understand. While other designers may also believe that HTML5 is the greatest thing ever, using too many technical terms that the reader does not understand will make them feel dumb and resentful.

Finally, when you are writing marketing articles, make sure that you write for the Internet. When people look for information on the Internet they scan the articles first before committing to reading. Make sure that your articles are always easy to scan by breaking them up into small paragraphs and using headers.

Authors Resource Box

Article submission sites will allow you to place a short biography about yourself at the bottom of your article with a link to your main site. You want to be brief in your personal description, while still remaining an authority on the subject.

It takes a little practice to write articles in this manner, but the results that you receive by following these guidelines are well worth the practice. Once you have become adjusted to this type of writing pattern, it will come naturally. This will enable you to create perfect articles that generate a lot of attention for your freelance business.

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