Writing Content That Keeps People Coming Back

by WorkFromHome on May 12, 2011

Imagine that your blog is a fruit tree, and that your potential readers are hungry. The significance of your blog in this analogy is that you are providing your potential readers with something they want and need. What will bring them to your metaphorical tree is not the amount of fruit it bears, but the quality of the fruit. One hundred apples that are small and not yet ripe are not worth five large, ripe apples to someone who is hungry. High-quality content is the most effective way to gain new readers and to keep your readers coming back for more. With the fruit tree analogy in mind, here follows guidelines that will help you to focus on the quality of your content as opposed to paying attention only to the mass production of it.

The First Step: Identifying Demand in Your Blog’s Industry

Before you can start writing a piece for your blog, you have to know what people are wanting or needing to read about. Inside of the industry your blog focuses on, there are constant changes happening. A never-ending source of topics for writing content is the news that follows the evolution of your industry or niche. This includes new products, new ideas, the latest trends and what is fashionable within the communities that build around an industry.

Another good type of blog entry is a tutorial or how-to demonstrating a novel approach to an old problem, or a new way to handle a problem that isn’t widely known. To have an effective influence on your readers, these types of blog posts should be useful and in language accessible to everyone. If you avoid using a lot of technical jargon, and try to explain things in plain English whenever possible, then you will avoid seeming pretentious, which is huge for maintaining a reader base for your blog.

Effectively Writing About Industry News

A huge part of maintaining a successful blog is to avoid the mindless rehashing of news articles or posts from other blogs. It’s good to inform your readers of what is going on in the industry your blog is tailored to, but always give them something more than a summary of the news. The best way to achieve this is to provide your own commentary and thoughts on the news item in question, and invite your readers to share their thoughts on your opinions in the comments section for the blog post. By engaging the reader about your own personal opinion and getting them to give you feedback, you give your reader base an ongoing dialogue and interaction that they cannot get anywhere else.

Leveraging Your Personal Touch By Personalizing Your Content

Inside of the history of Earth, there will never be another person that has the exact same beliefs or opinions as you. There will never be another human being that can share the same experiences that you have had with your same point of view. Because of this, you have a certain scarcity as an individual that no one can ever compete with. If you bring out your individual nature in your content, then you will invoke the demand that comes along with possessing such a rare commodity. People will want to read your blog because they cannot read your specific thoughts on industry topics anywhere else.

When you let your natural personality shine through in the content that you write, then you will also give the reader a sense that you really care about what you’re talking about. By showing how much the subject matter means to you, your content will naturally be elevated to a higher quality because you will put more effort into it than if you were writing about something you weren’t interested in.

Putting It All Together

The general process becomes as follows. First, you’ll need to figure out what it is that people will be drawn to read about. Next, you have to add your own personal spin to the topic by providing your own individual opinions and thoughts. Finally, you should back up your opinions with personal experience and strong emotion, which makes your content unique in ways that go beyond word choice.

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