Writing Good Articles for Affiliate Marketing

by WorkFromHome on June 20, 2011

The goal of writing articles for affiliate marketing is to gather leads either for sales or for mailing list sign-ups. High-quality articles can make money for years to come, so it’s important that you put a lot of effort into them instead of just throwing something together. Once you learn the principles that guide writing good articles, you’ll have an easy transition to writing general website content since the same ideas and concepts apply.

Finding Topics to Write About

One of the biggest problems you can run into when writing articles for affiliate marketing is writer’s block, or the inability to produce written work. The most common reason for writer’s block is not having topics to write about. Once you find yourself with writer’s block, it can be tricky to get past it. Because writer’s block is so difficult to handle, it’s recommended that you take preventative measures to keep writer’s block from ever happening in the first place. A way to do this is to keep a running list of industry topics and ideas that could serve as topics for future articles. The idea here is that once a week or so, you should take the time to map out an area of your industry and break it down by subject. Each of the resulting subjects can be broken down further until they are small enough that they can be discussed completely in an article.

Meeting the Reader’s Needs and Providing Value

If you don’t sound like you actually care about the reader’s needs, then your readers will notice. Being insincere is one of the quickest paths to failure when writing an article for affiliate marketing. To come across as really caring about the interests of your readers, think about whatever problem or issue is being discussed from their perspective. This is the opposite of just blatantly selling some product or solution to them. This point cannot be stressed enough, since a low-quality article will always yield low-quality results, and a lack of results means less money in your pocket.

The idea here is that you want to achieve a balance between selling to the reader and having the reader trust you. If you sell too hard to your readers, then the first thing in their minds will be that you’re trying to manipulate them, and they will not trust you. If you don’t sell hard enough, then you will end up not making very much money since people won’t buy from you. The way to achieve this balance is to bring up the problem or issue the reader may be facing, and then offer a solution. You should then frame the benefits of the solution in a way that keeps coming back to the reader’s own interest. In this way, you are constantly telling your readers what’s in it for them, and this will help to keep them from asking themselves what’s in it for you.

Optimizing the Format of Your Articles

Paying attention to the format of your articles can help you squeeze some extra sales out of them. Your article as a whole should be advancing the reader towards taking some action that you want them to take, and each paragraph should usually be talking about some individual benefit to doing whatever it is you want the reader to do. Usually this is going to be signing up for a mailing list or buying a product you’re offering that will solve some problem the reader has.

Your title and introductory paragraph should capture the reader’s attention with an emotional appeal. After a few paragraphs discussing the benefits of your solution in a more logical light, you should follow up with a concluding paragraph that also invokes emotion. The idea here is that making your reader emotional at the end of your article makes them more likely to act on impulse and take whatever action it is that you want them to.

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