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Setting up a business as an online auction site seller can be very successful, and is much easier and less expensive than traditional businesses. Owning your own business is a dream many people share. As an online auction site seller, you will be operating your own business from your home.

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There are many online auction sites, but eBay of course, is the most well known. When people think of online auctions, they automatically think of eBay. Setting up your own online auction business is not very difficult. eBay will walk you through it. Just be certain to read all of their guidelines and rules before you begin. After you are set up and running, be sure to always follow their rules, as eBay (or any other auction site) will delete your account if you break the rules.

First, figure out what exactly you would like to offer buyers. Will your site be a specialty shop, offering only books or clothing? Or will you offer whatever interesting thing that you can find at garage sales or resale shops? Many people make a good living re-selling items that they find elsewhere.

Do some research to find which items are in demand. This will change constantly, so stay one step ahead by always knowing what is selling at that time. Also, think about shipping. You can add shipping charges to your auctions, but know how much to add. If you offer an item with exorbitant shipping charges, people will be less likely to bid. Be prepared to package the item well, to guard against breakage.

There are several things to keep in mind if you want to become a successful auction site seller:

You absolutely must include a photograph (or even more than one) of the item if you want it to sell successfully. People will not want to bid on an item that they have not seen. Also, only use very good photographs, with the item that is for sale clearly shown.

Your descriptions must be clear as well. Poorly written descriptions, lacking in important information will not make your item seem appealing, and it certainly won’t make you look like a good seller with whom to do business. eBay has the ability for potential buyers to ask the seller a question, but why depend on that? Convenience sells, and a potential buyer will usually just skip your auction and buy from someone else, rather than go to the trouble of asking a question.

It is very important to not start your bidding price too high! Your goal is to get people bidding. This will get people interested, and bidding will take off from there. If you start out with too high of a starting price, you will not get many, or even any bidders.

An auction site seller can make a good living working from home. The work is fun and interesting. To be successful, you will need to care about your customers and offer the items that they want–just as in any other business.

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