Customer Service Representative

If you are one of the many people who dream of working at home, you may find it is easier to find that type of job than you ever thought possible. The computer age has made working from home easier than ever. Usually, all that will be needed is a telephone and an internet connection. Of course, you must have a quiet place from which to work; you will be helping customers, and representing the company, so a professional attitude and a quiet, professional location is simply a must.

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Customer service representatives usually work for just one company, so some training will be involved. You must be familiar with the company’s practices, and their ways of handling certain disputes.

The most important aspect of a customer service representatives work is, of course, how customers are handled. If you have very good people skills, understand customer service, and truly want to solve customer’s problems, this could be the job for you. A background in working with the public, such as past retail or restaurant server positions will certainly prepare you for this position.

Of course, haughty, rude and impatient people need not apply. You must remember that you are representing the company, so you are ultimately an extension of them. Realize how important customer service is to the success of the company. Also, it will not take very long for the employer to hear about one of their customer service representatives mistreating a customer. Maintaining a professional presence at all times is very important and will benefit everyone, including you.

To find customer service representative positions, search online freelance job boards. You may have to do a bit of searching, but just do not give up. There are numerous companies needing to fill these types of positions. When you find a good company, they will probably require a telephone interview, a resume and some training. You will probably also have to undergo telephone test so that the company can be certain that you will represent them in the best way.

Working at home is a very good fit for many people, especially parents. A customer service representative job is an excellent career for the person who is good with people. Excellent people skills are a valuable asset. Not everyone can do such work, so if you have the skills, put them to work for you and the company that hires you will be glad they did!

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