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If you are one of the many people who want to work from home, making a liveable wage, drop shipping may be the answer. Drop shipping is similar to affiliate marketing, except the products are yours. In affiliate marketing, you direct online traffic to a website, and when a sale is made, from traffic that you sent there, a commission is earned. You can earn more money with drop shipping, because the profits from the sales are all yours.

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Your first question might be “Where would I store all of those products?” That is the nice thing about drop shipping–you never have to store or handle the products at all! You set up a website to sell the products, and when a sale is made, the drop shipping company packages the product and ships it for you!

A drop shipping business is not very hard to launch. First, find the products that you would like to sell. Every product has a wholesale price and a retail price. Look for a wholesaler or drop shipping company that will give you a good price on the products, ideally, just a bit more than wholesale prices. Your profit will be the difference between the wholesale and retail price, so getting a good price is key to making good profits.

It is a good idea to work with several different suppliers. Be certain that the suppliers you will be working with are legitimate sources. A good supplier will not charge you fees, will be easy to communicate with and will not have a requirement for minimum orders. Take it a step further and put in an order for yourself to see that everything goes smoothly before you use the company as a supplier.

Once you have your products selected and your supplier in place, you can set up a website from which to sell your products. Be certain that the descriptions of your products are very clear and that the website is easy for customers to navigate. A confusing website or confusing product descriptions will not make people stick around and buy from your site, and they will end up going elsewhere.

You will also want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when it comes time to promote your website. You may have the best products anywhere, but if people cannot find them, you will not make very many sales. SEO is extremely important when trying to market products.

A drop shipping business can be a very good way to make a full time income from home, but if it is to be successful, it must be treated like a business. You simply must put the time and work into it. Also, don’t just set everything up and go with it. Continue to research different products, expand your product line and keep your website interesting by adding articles and other sources of information.

Drop shipping really can be the perfect at home business for the individual who understands that you get out of it what you put into it. This is certainly true of this business.

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