Freelance Proofreading Jobs

by WorkFromHome on April 16, 2011

Businesses everywhere need high quality proofreading, but as most proofreaders know, only the largest businesses need a staff of proofreaders full-time. Small and mid-size businesses often need proofreaders only on a part-time or as-needed basis, which means that there is a niche for freelance proofreaders.

Although these freelance proofreaders would spend a day each week or every other week at an office, today the speed of the internet and e-mail mean that freelance proofreaders can quickly proofread a legal brief or memo and return it within minutes. The freelance proofreader is able to reap the financial benefit of their work days or even weeks sooner, while the business, now that the proofreading is complete, is able to finalize the document in question. The smallest start-up businesses also benefit from hiring online freelance proofreaders because in doing so, they avoid having to allocate precious office space to a proofreader who comes through only once a week.

Anyone who has spent time in these tiny, uncomfortable spare offices, lunchrooms or receptionist areas as they proofread, knows that being able to proofread from the comfort of home, or anywhere else, makes it easy to do better work for far longer. For freelance proofreaders, the ability to work online from home, typically over e-mail, also makes it possible to start out part-time. This may mean that stay-at-home parents are able to transition slowly back to the workforce full-time as their children get older or that someone who is currently employed in a job that he or she does not like is able to slowly grow his or client list to the point where he or she can quit her job to become a full-time proofreader. As a proofreader gains more and more experience, he or she will not only gain more confidence in his or her abilities, but his or her reputation will also grow, as will the fee that he or can command.

Freelance proofreaders may work for a wide variety of clients, which allows them to enjoy reading different types of documents, or they have have a specialty niche. Some of these niches, such as proofreading and editing legal briefs, will earn freelance proofreaders a premium due to the difficulty of the job and the education and overall expertise that the proofreader must have in order to do it successful.

Copy editing news articles for both print and online media is a major source of online proofreading jobs for freelance proofreaders. Often, online proofreaders can log on several times a day to find batches of articles that are set to load to the magazine or newspaper’s website as soon as the proofreader has completed his or her editing. This makes the freelance proofreader an important part of the editing process for news sources ranging from tabloids to periodicals focused on hard news.

Proofreaders who have only a few minutes at a time to work are ideal candidates for proofreading these short articles. Freelance proofreaders must know the appropriate writing style, such as AP, in order to provide effective proofreading to their clients in the time provided. After all, proofreading is the last step in the editing time line, and a proofreader’s errors may go unchecked prior to publication. This can lead to embarrassment for the news periodical or website and an end for the freelance proofreader’s career.

Longer term proofreading jobs also may be available to freelance proofreaders. These may include proofreading academic articles, such as those that appear in journals. Publishers also may hire freelance proofreaders to assist in proofreading draft copies of novels prior to publication. These jobs can be fun and profitable.

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