How A Twelve Year Old Can Perfect Your Home Business Marketing Strategy

by WorkFromHome on May 23, 2012

When it comes to owning and operating a home based business, online or off, the most important thing you must do each day is find a way to generate more customers. If you have an online business, you must perfect your advertising campaign to address the masses, if you have an offline business, you must meet the needs of the community.

This is not an easy task to accomplish. You surround yourself with knowledgeable people in your industry and you seek the opinion of family and friends for marketing tips. You have read marketing material and try to keep in tune with the latest trends. Yet, in many cases, your marketing strategy seems to lack momentum.

There is a simple explanation for this. First and foremost, it is important that you keep doing what you already do, this type of research and input is important for your overall success. However, you should also realise that marketing plans that other people use may not fit your business style or product. It is also important to realise that family and friends, while trying to be helpful, often do not provide you with honest feedback.

This is where the twelve year old enters the picture.

At the age of twelve a person is on the cusp of adulthood, but still has their playful and childish tendencies. They are eager to be listened to and have their opinions valued as an adult, while at the same time they are still young enough to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when giving their “adult” opinion.

At this age, the child wants their opinion to be heard and considered so they try their best to make a thoughtful and honest opinion when they provide you with the data. It is something that is lost as they age and want you to “feel good” about what they say. At twelve, they don’t care how you feel, only that you understand what they mean.

If you have the ability to pitch your product to a twelve year old, you can expect the following in return:

  • An honest opinion. If the child doesn’t understand what you are trying to offer, chances are neither will the general public. Take notes on the questions that they ask and what they think about the product when you are done. This is the most honest and revealing input you can ever receive on your marketing.
  • They will be your biggest support. What is great is that at this age they are willing to become your biggest fans. They are willing to give you ideas about your product or service that come from a genuinely interested party. They are willing to praise you and help you reaffirm your personal goals because you begin to see your business through their eyes.
  • You will find a new passion for your product. When a twelve year old begins to rattle off their random ideas about your business, something special occurs. You begin to see your business in a different way. You begin to regain that excitement you first felt when you started. You begin to see new opportunities that you did not see before, just like when you first had the idea to start the business. It is a wonderful experience. Seeing potential for your business is an awakening that everyone should experience, because they see nothing but potential. It is easy for business owners to lose those feelings when times are hard, or the business has been around for a while.
  • Better understanding of the Internet Age. While the Internet is still relatively new for business owners, these children have never known life without the Internet. They have an understanding of the Internet that cannot be achieved by anyone else that has not lived the Web their entire life. It is important to harness that knowledge and use it for your marketing plan.

Of course, you cannot heed all of the advice of a twelve year old to market your business, but you can gain a lot of knowledge from them that may have otherwise escaped you. These children, who have literally grown up on the Internet, know and see things that business owners simply cannot see.

Taking advantage of their unclouded judgement, and combining it with the knowledge and experience you have, and that of your colleagues and friends, will help you develop the ultimate marketing strategy.

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