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Many people want to find work from home jobs that allow them to earn the sort of income that can allow them to support themselves and their families while doing work that utilizes their skills. While there are many jobs that you can work at from home, there also are home based businesses which may require an investment on your part in order to begin your new business.

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A position that you work at from home is often very similar in nature to one that you would hold at an office or store. Instead of performing data entry work, bookkeeping, writing or another type of work while at a desk at a company’s office, you will be doing it while at your home. Like other employees, however, you may still receive valuable benefits like health insurance, sick time and vacation pay. Even though you are performing your work from home, your employer can still tell you how to perform your work and during which hours you need to be online or available to them for conference calls.

If you choose to start your own home-based business instead of taking on a position, then you will enjoy much more freedom of choice. As your own boss, you will be setting your own hours. This can be liberating to a parent juggling their children’s schedules but it also means that you are not guaranteed an hourly or salaried income. How much money you are able to bring in will depend entirely on the success of your home-based business’s sales and how low you can keep the expenses that you incur to run that home-based business. This means that you may be able to turn your talents into a highly profitable business or that you will find yourself netting less than minimum wage for all of your efforts. If you are looking for a steady income with stable hours and set expectations, then a position working from home for someone else is your best bet.

Although the decision to seek a job that allows you to work from home for a set salary may be an easy one, finding one can be challenging. A search for “work from home jobs” can yield hundreds or even thousands of different job listings on both general search engines and on job websites. Unfortunately, many, if not most, of these listings will ultimately prove to be scams, while others may be business opportunities that will require you to make an upfront investment. Steer clear of any job listing that requires you to either work for free, or to send your potential employer money. After all, working for them should mean that they send money to you!

Even though the internet and other technologies mean that you can likely work for any company in the world, you should start you job search in your local area. Many employers will want to meet you in person prior to hiring you, and they may even want you to be available for occasional meetings at their offices. Consider whether that is something that you can make yourself available for, since doing so may widen your job possibilities. An employer that is considering global candidates may still give preference to a local candidate, since you would be located in the same time zone, which can provide additional convenience to your new employer.

One of the newest trends in work from home jobs are the use of virtual assistants by corporations of all sizes. Being a virtual assistant means performing all the same administrative work that an assistant might perform for a single business, but doing so as independent contractor for several clients. Doing this work may mean working for one large corporation doing a task as specialized as making travel arrangements or providing a few hours of work each week to start-up businesses that need assistance with basic bookkeeping but cannot justify adding a full time bookkeeper or administrative assistant to their payrolls.

There is no standard pay grade for a virtual assistant, since the job title can encompass skills that are both highly specialized and in demand, such as those that involve difficult software programs or foreign languages. Since the term “virtual assistant” can be used for a wide variety of services, the fees that you can charge will depend on the service that you provide to each client. Remember, though, that while many of your potential clients may be willing to pay a small premium for a virtual assistant working in their geographic area, others will want you to match the comparably lower costs that virtual assistants in other countries are able to charge.

If you have a background in finance or medical billing, then you may be able to leverage those skills to enjoy higher paying jobs that you can do from home. Bookkeeping services for small businesses are an important part of record keeping for these businesses. Often, start-up and small businesses may be owned and run by savvy business owners with an eye for a deal or a wealth of ingenuity but a lack of interest in reconciling bank accounts or paying bills. By filling this need, you help them to keep their records straight. In turn, they are able to be even more profitable.

Medical billing is another area of paperwork that can be outsourced to professionals working from home. If you have experience working in a doctor’s office, then you can likely perform this work from your home computer. Logging onto the internet means that you can also log onto your company’s intranet or their insurance companies’ various portals to complete the different billing administrative tasks that are necessary before the doctors are paid by the patients’ insurance companies. You may be able to earn a full-time income from providing this valuable work to a large medical practice as an employee, or you may need to put together a list of several steady clients that provide you with enough work that you can support yourself.

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