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Lots of people want to make money online, but to actually do it, legally, safely and without spending more than you ultimately earn, takes savvy, research and some hard work. While there are some great opportunities to make money online, the internet also is filled with scams and despite the best efforts of law enforcement agencies all over the world, to start your own business, find a job or sell something online means that you will have to sift through these illegitimate opportunities.

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If It Seems To Good To Be True… Then Walk Away

The reason that there are so many scam artists trying to con you out of your personal information and money is that the internet is filled with people who, like you, are interested in making money by working online. The good news is that simple common sense will help you to skip the most outrageous of these over hyped scams. Listings promising you over the top rewards, such as thousands of dollars each week for just minutes of work each day, those that advertise payments of hundreds of dollars for filling out a simple survey and any other job listings or home business information websites that simply sound too good to be true are just that.

You can create your own opportunities to earn money online from a wide variety of sources. While each is popular with a large number of people, each also has drawbacks that may make it untenable for you or your family. Before leaping into any business venture, remember to think hard about whether you are really prepared to make the investment, whether it is of time or money, to see the income that you are looking for. If there is no investment of either money or your own efforts, then take a step back and think about whether this so-called great opportunity could really be a scam artist’s trap, waiting to snap around your personal information.

Affiliate Websites Connect Consumers With Companies

An affiliate website is a popular choice for people who enjoy writing about different products, but are not interested in dealing with the vagaries of inventory, staffing or shipping, which are part of actually selling those items. An affiliate program requires you to put a link to a product or business on your website, and you are then paid either a flat rate per visitor that clicks on that link, or you may be paid a percentage of the sale that results from your website’s referral to that website.

Making money from an affiliate website requires you to drive traffic to it. You can do this through social media, advertising, search engine optimization, blogging and other techniques. If you are technically savvy, then you may be able to do it for a small amount of money, but you should still be prepared to spend a large amount of time creating your website and fine tuning it for success.

Write Your Own (e)Book For Financial Success

If you have a specialized skill set, then a great way to make money online is to write your own ebook, film a series of instructional videos, or write a guidebook. Before you dismiss the idea, take a quick inventory of your skill set. Do you know how to grow the biggest tomatoes? Perhaps you are skilled at styling your young daughter’s hair in complicated braids and other styles or know how to explain basic home repairs in simple terms to others. Cookbooks aimed at those on specialized diets, such as gluten-free or casein-free diets, are always popular. Take advantage of today’s high resolution cameras to add visuals to your ebook for effective instructions to your readers.

To reap the financial rewards from your hard work, you can set up a website to sell downloads of it. Offer a free download of your ebook’s first chapter or your favourite recipe to tantalize your website’s visitors into clicking the “buy” button. If you have created a series of instructional videos, then create your own advertisement to show off the best parts of your series to your potential customers. Let your website’s visitors see the value in the product that you are selling, so that they are confident that buying it is the right decision.

Instead of being an affiliate, you can hire affiliates you direct visitors to your website to purchase your ebook or video series in exchange for a percentage of the sales price or a flat payment per click. You can use social media tools to promote your online product, and since your creation is entirely virtual, you still do not have to worry about inventory, shipping or any of the other details that plague those selling physical products.

Sell It On eBay

eBay calls itself “the world’s largest online marketplace,” and with an estimated 725,000 people internationally earning full time living as eBay sellers, it could be the option that allows you to successfully make money online from selling items at online auctions while creating your own job security.

You can sell just about anything on eBay, new or used, which means that you will have to consider what products you can source, directly from wholesalers or drop-shippers, create yourself, or buy at flea markets or garage sales, to sell on eBay. You can set price minimums on the website, or let the market do it for you with a minimum bid of $.99. eBay charges a tiered set of fees, which means that lower minimum auction prices will lower your cost. However, if an item sells without a minimum auction price, then you still have to honour the sale, regardless of whether the sale price is lower than you had hoped it would be.

While there may be a trial-and-error period, while you go to impounded car lot auctions and try your hand at different crafts to sell them, the barriers to entry on eBay are non-existent, which means that with enough time and a high enough inventory volume, you will be able to earn a full-time income.

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