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Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, is a thriving city with numerous jobs available in the arts, commercial, educational, entertainment, travel and tourism, and sports industries. Those with backgrounds or interest in financing, manufacturing and merchandising, IT, transportation, and logistics will find that there are numerous job opportunities available to them in these sectors. Despite the booming economy and competitive wages, some in Melbourne have a strong desire to work from home or start a home business.

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Getting You Home Business Started In Melbourne

Getting started on the road to starting a home business in Melbourne is much easier than it sounds. Those that are willing to invest some time to research, apply, and network will open many doors of opportunity within their own local community.

Those with financial experience or backgrounds may find opportunities to keep accounting records or provide private bookkeeping services to small businesses within Melbourne. Many smaller corporations are short-staffed and privately owned companies. These business owners are typically solely responsible for running all aspects of their businesses. Hiring an accountant, bookkeeper, or financial advisor to handle these operations from their home office allows the owner more time, money, and energies that can be focused on the core income producers of their businesses. All one needs to do to secure clients is to schedule a meeting with small business owners in Melbourne, offer a resume’ and cover letter outlining qualifications, and discuss ways that they may be of asset in helping with current work loads.

The number of companies looking to hire professional IT or tech support specialists has risen exponentially in recent years. This trend will continue to increase in coming years as companies continue to outsource and shut down brick-and-mortar call centres, which saves money for insurance and tax-related costs. IT specialists can work for a variety of computer, telecommunication, software, and office equipment companies, taking calls from clients and customers from the comforts of their home office while earning a generous hourly wage or salary. Job boards and forums that cater to work from home professionals are great places to find legitimate home-based IT positions.

The travel and tourism industry in Melbourne is booming. Local residents with a strong knowledge of recreational activities, and who know how to score great deals, would make great concierge. Concierges work for major hotels and provide guests with suggestions on everything from dinner reservations to car rentals, theatre show entertainment, and advice on where to shop. A team of concierge specialists are available at most luxury hotels and is a free service for guests. Many concierge specialists work from the comforts of their home, handling many different e-mail and phone requests for guests. A dependable, professional concierge can easily make a six-figure salary from their own home if they are knowledgeable about local industry, or have excellent research skills. One interested should inquire with prestigious hotels within Melbourne to determine employment opportunities. Other great resources include online job boards and work from home forums. These types of jobs are in-demand and are very easy to find online.

For those with PR experience, strong writing skills, or those that simply enjoy a fast-paced and exciting career, starting a home business in the entertainment industry can be financially rewarding. Local newspapers, theatre production companies, talent agencies, and marketing companies are always looking for reliable and dependable people to run various errands as personal assistants, write press releases and news stories, and provide marketing services on their behalf. Check with local newspaper companies, talent agencies, sports representatives and coaches to offer related services. Job boards and local newspapers often have classified ads requesting services of this nature. PR can be a lucrative home business opportunity.

Working from home is a rewarding and enriching experience for those fortunate enough to enjoy this lifestyle. One who works from home avoids the typical costs associated with commuting to a traditional job and enjoys more control over their earnings.