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The city of Perth in Australia is home to over one-and-a-half million residents. Contrary to other major surrounding cities, Perth does not rely on manufacturing trades as its primary opportunities for employment. Perth’s job market caters to those in wholesale trades and retail businesses. Health, education, personal services, and community-related jobs are readily available. A large percentage of business owners in Perth have home-based operations. This has inspired many potential home business owners to start a business of their own.

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Starting a Home Business in Perth to Work From Home

Wholesale trades and retail businesses are dominating the economy in Perth. A home-based consignment shop is a great way to earn a living. Although there are overhead costs and initial start-up costs associated with this kind of business, the payoff can be financially-liberating and steady. Another great home based business involves wholesale purchase and distribution. Many home business owners purchase lots or pallets of seasonal, overstock, damaged, or customer returns at wholesale prices, and sell the items individually at local craft fairs or on online auction sites for great profit. Potential business owners in the wholesale and retail trades can easily earn start-up capital by selling unwanted goods from their own homes. Items such as fine jewelry, designer accessories, kids clothing, electronics, and collectibles sell very well on auction sites. Profits generated from auction sales are then used to purchase used goods or pallets of merchandise to sell in a consignment shop, at craft fairs, or online. There are many free courses offering sales tips and strategies for retail and auction profits online. One should consult with a business or financial advisor to find out the necessary steps to get started.

Organizations, companies, and individuals that offer personal services comprise a large percentage of Perth’s job market. Individuals with busy lifestyles are always in need of dependable and reliable people to perform a wide variety of errands and tasks on their behalf. Providing dog-walking services, personal shopping or grocery shopping services, or organizational needs to people with busy lifestyles can provide unlimited income potential. A typical day as a personal assistant can be spent scheduling appointments for a client, picking up their dry cleaning, and proceeding to pick up their children from daycare. Days are never the same, which is refreshing for those that dread the monotony associated with most brick-and-mortar jobs. Many of the requests can be performed in the home of the client or at one’s own home. Networking is the key to gaining clients and employment as a personal assistant. Acquiring an inexpensive set of business cards highlighting the services one may offer and handing them out to everyone in the community can lead to some wonderful contacts. Online job sites and job boards frequently feature various personal assistant jobs.

Health-related fields are growing rapidly in Perth. As medical facilities, laboratories, hospitals, attorney’s offices and dentist’s offices begin the process of converting their paper files to digital files, the demand increases for qualified medical and legal transcriptionists. The cost for a quality medical or legal transcription course is very low. The pay, however, in securing a transcription-based job, is very high. There are not enough qualified candidates to perform the work that is available. Professional transcriptionists often have many clients and very consistent amounts of work. They transcribe audio or hand-written files into digital text and store them according to the client’s specifications. Local offices would be a great place to begin the job search. A well-written resume’ and cover letter highlighting one’s expertise can open many doors to starting a successful home business. Many work at home forums and online communities advertise for qualified transcriptionists, as well.

Starting a home business in Perth can seem like a difficult undertaking, but if one commits the time and energy, does their research, and commits to following through with timelines and goals, success is virtually guaranteed. A creative idea coupled with investments of time or money equal home business success.