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Many people would like to work from the comfort of their own homes, to be there for their children, and yet, to still earn a full time living. That is the hope of many, but if you could work from home, doing something that you loved, that would seem like too much to ask, wouldn’t it? That scenario is entirely possible, however. If you are a photographer, you can earn a living by selling your photographs to stock photography sites online.

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The internet has created a huge demand for information. Never before has the need for writing been so great. With all that writing comes the need for images. There are quite a few websites which sell stock photos. Stock photos are images that a customer can buy to use one time or many times. The photographer usually retains the copyrights to the photograph.

To sell photography online, you will need a good camera that takes high resolution photographs. Next, put your creativity into gear, and build up a portfolio of fine images. Everybody always seems to want to take the artsy type photos, but stock photographs are really in demand. These are images of everyday items, the types of photographs that a client may need for an advertisement, an article, or even to be printed for packaging. This is not to say that beautiful images are never needed. Anything unique and beautiful will always sell.
When you have a portfolio of nice photographs that represents the good work that you do, you can sign up with several different sites that will sell your images. There are a few different types of websites that will sell your photos:

Stock photography sites that deal in royalty free images will find customers who will pay you to use your photograph, yet you will retain all rights to the image. You could sell the same photograph over and over, and make money, but still have the copyrights to that image.

Rights-managed photography sites will allow you to display your photos, and sell them to whomever wants them, but usually, the copyright is lost.

Print photography sites will display your photographs, and when somebody orders a print of it, the company will print it and ship it, after you upload it to them.

Working from home is the dream of many. Working from home, doing what you love would seem like a fantasy. It is entirely possible, however to work from home, doing what you love, especially if you are a photographer.

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