Turn Your Typing Talent Into Steady Income While Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on July 23, 2011

Even though more and more professionals are doing their own typing, the need for talented typists in Australia has not diminished. You can earn a great income or supplement your day job’s salary by providing valuable data entry services while working from the comfort of your own home. Data entry and other work from home typing opportunities can mean scheduling your own hours so that you can spend time with your parents, spouse or children while still making money from home. Read on for more on this great niche business area.

One Skill But Many Different Professional Opportunities

Although typing is just one skill, there are so many different ways that you can use it to generate income while working from home. Data entry work is one of the most popular ways for typists to make money from home in Australia. Data entry clerks provide an essential service to businesses both large and small throughout Australia and the rest of the world by entering large volumes of data into spreadsheets, databases and websites.

Medical transcription is a specialized area of data entry, which may require you to be able to decipher a doctor’s handwriting or to take dictation from recorded notes about a patient. The data that you enter is used for insurance companies and for doctor’s records. Because the medical information is confidential and relates to someone’s health, getting it right is especially important!

There are a number of other businesses that need talented typists to assist in complicated archiving projects as they transition from one digital filing system to another or convert various software systems. Even though the information is already in digital format, a human eye, such as yours, is needed to determine where to make manual changes to coding in order to upgrade systems for financial data for businesses of all sizes.

Accuracy In Data Entry Is Essential To Career Success

Data entry work may pay by the hour or you may be compensated based upon how much work you complete. If you are being paid for the work that you complete, which is a popular method for employers paying at home employees for their work, then being able to type quickly is going to translate into being able to make more money from your work as a data entry clerk.

No matter how you are being paid, though, you will still need to maintain a high typing speed in order to remain competitive. The Internet has made it possible for professional data entry operators to compete for lucrative contracts working from home in Australia as well as from other countries. With so many other rivals for jobs you will need to stand out from the crowd with spectacular typing skills.

Typing speed is based upon not only how many words you can type in a minute but also upon how accurate your typing is. A word that is typed incorrectly does not count toward your typing speed. In fact, if you send in medical transcriptions or computer programming code with errors to your employer you may not be hired back for another job in the future. Accuracy is essential in data entry, since even the smallest errors, such as a missed letter or comma, can render a long string of code totally inoperable and useless. This can cost your employer or their clients a great deal of time and money since they will then have to spend time finding and correcting your mistake before they can move forward with their work.

Getting Your Typing Up To Speed Without Crashing And Burning

It is easy to improve your typing speed and accuracy without feeling like you are fighting a losing battle against a timer. The first step is to find out how fast you can type and compare that typing speed to the speeds requested or recommended by the clients that you work with. Set your kitchen timer or a stopwatch to a minute and then type a paragraph from an article or web page. Remember that accuracy counts, so when the minute is up, count the words that you typed and subtract the words that you typed incorrectly. If your speed is below the speed you need, then it is time to get practicing!

There are a number of inexpensive and easy to use computer programs that are designed to assist typists in gaining speed in typing both words and numerical data. Even software programs aimed at children can be useful as you work to amp up your typing skills! The best way to become a better typist, though, is simply to keep practicing. Copying different articles and taking dictation as you watch television are great ways to sharpen your typing skills. Before you know it, you will be zipping past the competition!

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